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The definitive biography of one of the most enduring and endeared recording artists in history—the Carpenters—is told for the first time from the perspective of Richard Carpenter, through more than 100 hours of exclusive interviews and some 200 photographs from Richard’s personal archive, many never published.

After becoming multi-million selling, Grammy-winning superstars with their 1970 breakthrough “(They Long to Be) Close to You,” Richard and Karen Carpenter would win over fans worldwide with a record-breaking string of hits including “We’ve Only Just Begun,” “Top of the World” and “Yesterday Once More.” In Carpenters: The Musical Legacy, Richard Carpenter tells their story with candor, heart and humor, chronicling the ups and downs of the duo, whose work remains the gold standard for melodic pop.

CARPENTERS: THE MUSICAL LEGACY is coming to bookstores on November 16th. Pre-order your copy today:

J&K Stonebone: Rare A&M/CTi album reissued for Record Store Day

The A&M/CTi album Stonebone by jazz trombone legends J.J. Johnson and Kai Winding (known as J&K) was shelved back in 1970, released in Japan in 1970.  Used copies can sell for several hundred dollars.  Thankfully, June 20, 2020 will see the release of this album in the US for the first time on limited edition red vinyl.

The album features such stellar artists as George Benson, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, George Benson, Ron Carter and Grady Tate.  As with the Tamba Trio California Soul record release from 2019, this will be a must-own for completists of the A&M/CTi catalog and of both groups’ output.

Be sure to join the discussion of this album in our forum.

Great news! UMe offers replacements for defective Carpenters LPs

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We have some excellent news to share with those who were disappointed with the quality of the pressings in the recently released Carpenters LPs.

Customers who received defective LPs, either individually or in the box set, may contact UMe directly for a replacement!  Please have your proof of purchase handy.  Send your proof of purchase to [email protected] along with your message.  UMe prefers email, but those who prefer phone contact may call Customer Support at 1-800-288-5942.

We are very pleased that UMe is handling this directly, and want to thank them publicly for the feedback.

Verdict on Carpenters Vinyl Collection: Buyer Beware

The Vinyl Collection [12 LP]

Carpenters fans were pleased to see the new 12-LP Vinyl Collection being released, with all of the albums being newly remastered and pressed on 180 gram vinyl, packaged in a collectible case and complete with original album jacket and record label artwork.

Initial reports, however, point to something different.

Forum members have spoken out, and reviews at retailers are starting to appear.

Put briefly, the set has numerous quality issues.  A few have had good luck with theirs, yet others have reported on issues with dirty vinyl, sharp edges on the records with excess flashing, tight spindle holes, and a couple off-center pressings.  We realize pressing plants are not a clean room environment, but new records also should not need a few cleanings on a record vacuum just to make them playable.

We are not making a complete judgment call at this time, but for now, we advise caution in purchasing this set.  Carefully read through our forum thread to see what our members have to say.  Check reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

We are hopeful the situation is rectified by UMe.  Until then, purchase the Vinyl Collection at your own risk, and make certain your retailer has a good return policy for defective product.  If the situation changes, or doesn’t, we will update with a new post.

Three Joe Jackson titles to be reissued by Intervention Records

intervention-joe-jacksonComing this spring, Intervention Records is releasing three classic titles by Joe Jackson:  Look Sharp!, I’m The Man and Night and Day.  All are being cut straight from analog 15ips safety copies, featuring the mastering of Kevin Gray and plating/pressing by RTI.  The first two titles are due in “Feb/March” per Intervention, and Night and Day follows in April.  These come hot on the heels of two great A&M Stealer’s Wheel reissues, including their self-titled first album and Ferguslie Park,  which have seen very favorable reviews in the audiophile press.

Of Stealer’s Wheel, Michael Fremer of Analog Planet wrote: “Kevin Gray’s cut from ‘best analog sources available’ … is the best sounding version of this album I’ve yet heard. There’s more detail to be heard overall, better instrumental layering, greater transparency and more honest equalization (the “Porky” is upper-midrange “pushed”).  The first two Jackson LPs will be substantially upgraded over the originals.  Shane at Intervention writes: “Fans of those first two JJ LPs are going to be blown away! That top-end energy was still vibrant on the tapes, but were able to restore the bass foundation. It’s still a punchy, aggressive sounding record, but dramatically better balanced. I think you’re going to be more than pleased!”

We’re looking forward to these here at A&M Corner!

Herb Alpert’s new vinyl released today

Product Details Whipped Cream & Other DelightsFor the first time in decades, collectors can now purchase brand new vinyl releases by Herb Alpert!  Released on 180 gram vinyl and mastered by longtime A&M associate and alumni Bernie Grundman, the classic Whipped Cream & Other Delights album (featuring the Tijuana Brass) and Herb’s warmly received recent album Come Fly With Me are available for purchase.  In addition, the Tijuana Brass Christmas Album is due for release within the next couple of weeks.

Reviews for the vinyl releases will be posted on our Herb Alpert/Tijuana Brass sister site as soon as our copies arrive.  Join our discussion at the Forums.