Back in 1995, we set up our first Web site using Compuserve’s “Our World” hosting service, a free perk for Compuserve members.  This site, Rudy’s Latin Corner, was a home for the Latin and contemporary jazz reviews which appeared in the Music/Arts Forum on Compuserve.  Shortly thereafter in that same year, the idea was hatched:  Did anyone remember the Tijuana Brass?

Of course, many did, but while they remembered the infamous model covered in whipped cream (who wouldn’t??) and the theme of “The Dating Game,” would the lesser-known albums and singles fade into history?  With that thread of an idea, the first Tijuana Brass discography was hatched.

From there, the site bounced over to an ISP’s free web space and the “A&M Fan Contact” guestbook was launched.

Once a proper hosting company was located in January 1997, all of the Rudy’s Corner content, and its A&M Corner section, were moved over.  A few months later, proper forum software was located, and the A&M Corner Forum was launched to great success.

While we still feature our forum today as a major attraction, we have a small handful of satellite sites that act as resources with helpful information for collectors and listeners.  In addition, as of this writing, the main A&M Corner site is undergoing a change that will envelop a much wider swath of A&M’s vast recorded legacy than merely being “stuck in the 60s.”

What is our site about? Our goal is to be a resource for collectors and listeners.  We are not a “fan” site, like others, as we prefer to target the music as our primary focus.   We are an independent site that is in no way related to A&M Records or any of its past or present owners, but you will find that many of our members have a lot more knowledge of A&M history than the current regime at what’s left of the record label!  If you have a question, hop over to our forum and ask!