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Forum members pick their Top 5 albums of 2017

What were our forum members listening to in 2017?  What made the biggest impression?  Find out in our forum thread!  If you have some of your own, you’re welcome to join up and post your own Top 5.  And if you have a couple of honorable mentions, include those as well.

Happy New Year from A&M Corner!

Pete Turner R.I.P.

We are sad to report the Sept. 18th passing of one of the pioneering color photographers of our time:  Pete Turner (83).  His photography graced many album covers, including the series of his work used on the A&M/CTi jazz album covers.  Winner of numerous awards and featured in many galleries, Turner also made an impact on the advertising industry with many of his photos.  The book Colors of Jazz compile many of his photographs which were used on album covers.  Read our thread in the forum for our remembrances.


2015 Annual Christmas/Holiday Music Roundup

Charlie Brown's Holiday HitsOur popular and “usually” yearly tradition in past years is to do a forum roundup of our membership’s favorite holiday albums. We invite you to hop over to the forum and tell us your favorites!

If you have posted in past roundups, have you discovered anything new this year? Have you rediscovered an old favorite? We would love to hear about it!  And no, it does not need to be A&M. We welcome all musical varieties…and labels!

We will try to link to our releases so that you, too, can join in our sharing of the music and find a copy for yourself.