About High Resolution Audio

With new recordings and newly issued remasters being released in high-res formats, I felt it was time to offer a brief primer in what exactly high resolution audio is.  I had considered doing my own article, but Technics has done a great job describing the basics:  What Is High-Resolution Audio.  (A link at the bottom of their page will lead you through the remaining articles.)  While the Technics site obviously lists only their own products, I can create a list of players, and computer software, capable of playing these back, in a future article here.

Maybe high-res isn’t for everyone, but those who are interested in learning more can use this article, and those we have planned in the future, to help take away some of the cofusion and misinformation out there.  High-Res and other downloadable files represent a change in how many of us listen to music, and I hope we can help!

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